About Us

Bihar is marked by its rich traditional heritage of Folk Arts and Culture. Since the days of remote past, the diversified art & cultural forms generated by the rural people of Bihar have continued to evince their creative magnificence. Apart from their outstanding brilliance from the perspective of aesthetics, the folk art and culture forms have played an instrumental role in reinforcing national integrity, crystallizing social solidarity, fortifying communal harmony, intensifying value-system and promoting the elements of humanism among the people of the country. However with the passage of time and advent of globalization, we have witnessed the emergence of a synthetic homogeneous macro-culture. Under the influence of such a voracious all-pervasive macro-culture the diversified heterogeneous folk culture of our country are suffering from attrition and erosion. Thus the stupendous socio-cultural exclusivity of the diverse communities at the different nooks and corners of our country are getting endangered.

KACH-Philanthropy partner of EEPL is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to redefine the relationship between artistic expression and philanthropy. From providing monetary support to the artists to reviving dying arts or sponsoring the artists by way of educational programs, we endeavor to tap the talent so that it does not die out and is not lost forever by showcasing their work at our various art and cultural events be it in the form of an art exhibition, a dance performance or a musical concert or by way of workshops under our different plans. Our quest for talent and preservation of culture does not halt here, as an organization dedicated to preserve the cultural heritage and customs of Bihar, we provide full service from map work to accommodation and many more for those who have settled in different countries and wish to show their village in Bihar to their grandchildren etc.

We tend to empower youths to reach beyond their current life circumstances and realize their potential, to promote education in remote communities in Bihar, by providing school supplies and other resources to communicate with children across borders. We aim to encourage social awareness and instruction through digital art workshops directed at developing artistic and social skills.