Anti Drug Rock Fest

Anti Drug Rock Fest (ADRF) exclusively structured by KACH has been iconic, in trying to weave together the massive spool of bands, faces and tunes that comprise the thriving rock culture.

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Spread the Warmth

KACH shared its warm compassion for deprived people in the society. We have spread our warmth not to the lazy people but to the labour class after collecting from common people.

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Women’s Wellbeing Initiative

An informative and interactive program on “Women’s Wellbeing” addressing subjects like reproductive health, safety, infections, precautions and other related subjects.

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Who We Are

KACH-Philanthropy partner of EEPL is a non-profit organization whose mission is to redefine the relationship between artistic expression and philanthropy. From providing monetary support to the artists to reviving dying arts or sponsoring the artists by way of educational programs, we endeavor to tap the talent so that it does not die out and is not lost forever by showcasing their work at our various art and cultural events be it in the form of an art exhibition, a dance performance or a musical concert or by way of workshops under our different plans.